::: How we work

First of all, we are not traditional consultants. We don't show up, spend a day or two with you, tell you what you need to change and then disappear. And since changing habits can take awhile we are with you for some time. Don't worry, its not every day, but on a regular basis, you will see us; in essence we become part of your team.

We start by understanding where you are trying to go and how you want to get there. First of all: you are smarter than you think; and most of the answers are already in the heads of your people, or in your data.

Orientation - We need to get to know you.

This will take up to a day with your management and staff and in the end we need to understand:

  • your short and long term goals
  • where you think you are
  • where you are trying to go
  • known impediments to you getting there
  • and, what information you have that will allow us to measure the accuracy of perceptions

CORE - Next we work with your people.

In most cases, your people have good ideas on how to improve your business. What they usually need is help to develop their ideas, to present them in a business like manner, and to obtain permission to implement the changes. The second part of this process is to work with your managers so that they can encourage the changes and trust your people.

We facilitate this process, which we call CORE (Customer Orientated Responsible Employees). It normally takes 6 – 8 days spread out over several weeks and should not require more than 6-8 hours per person selected for the process and works well as a lunch and learn program.

Data - While the CORE team is in progress, we are looking at your Data.

We have found that your sales data contains much more information than you, the business owner, realize.

All businesses have data.  When it is organized you have information.  When you can ask questions of your information and get useful answers, you have knowledge. When you can start to visualize the trends, anomalies and opportunities, you have wisdom. Most businesses are at the data or information stages and don’t have the software or systems to move to the next levels.

We do this using Business Intelligence (Cognos) and Data Mining (SPSS) software, both from IBM.

Reporting - We develop the fundamentals for quality reporting and provide the tools and reports to view it easily. We train your team to understand and take action on report contents.

The inability to have good reporting is usually one of the larger gaps we see. Reports must show you the good news and the bad, must be automated so you don’t waste time getting them; need to be timely – based on the needs of the staff using them, and they need to be action oriented.