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The Ultimate Question:
Driving Good Profits and Fuel Growth

by Fred Reichheld.  Harvard Business School Press, 2006

This is the what, why, and how of loyalty building.

Hug Your Customers:
The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results

by Jack Mitchell. Hyperion Books, 2003

Seeing your company the way your customer experiences you.

Five Rules for Retailing in a Recession
by Ken Favaro, Tim Romberger, and David Meer Harvard Business Review, April 2009.

Consumer spending habits have changed, so you must know your customer, then target your sales where the new opportunities open.

It's Your Ship: Management Techniques for the Best Damn Ship in the Navy
by D. Michael Abrashoff. Penguin Group, 2002

This is front-line leadership on a large scale. Operational effectiveness and staff engagement ratings improved through team-building, problem-solving, and communication.

The Loyalty Effect:
The hidden force behind growth,profits, and lasting value

by Fred Reichheld Harvard Business School Press, 1996

An earlier and comprehensive study by Reichheld of the impact loyalty has on profitability.