::: Our Team

Ken Grant

Ken Grant has had thirty years of experience as a teacher and administrator for the Halifax Regional School Board.

  • He has served as President of local and provincial literacy organizations, professional development associations, and with the regional chapter of Phi Delta Kappa - an international educational research leadership association.
  • Ken has his M Ed in Educational Administration and has been a member of the Principals' Centre of Harvard University.
  • Ken has been a leader in staff development. He has organized conferences, professional development plans for the Vice-Principals' Association, has presented at conferences, and published articles in provincial teaching journals.
  • Ken was brought into the P3 school design process because of his knowledge of school reform, his research on full-service schools of excellence, and his experience with at-risk and high-needs students. He collaborated with the architects to design a workspace that enabled and supported teamwork and learning. He was asked to draw on his implementation of IBM intranet technology and his familiarity with telephone networks to design a system to connect parents, teachers, and the school. Unique to Ken's work was his development of a 5-year plan to inform, to engage, and to contribute to the building of a stronger community.
  • For his work in school effectiveness, in 2003 Ken was invited to participate in a 5-day Round Table conference on the future of public education held at Oxford University.
  • Ken's knowledge and experience with staff development and curriculum innovation lead his assistant superintendant to say that, "You operate ten years in our future - where we want to be!"
Ken brings to Dunvegan knowledge and experience in:
  • Managing the implementation & change process
  • Managing staff, leadership development, professional development
  • Helping staff groups and communities adapt to changing education environments
  • Communicating change through decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution
  • Empowering staff through teamwork, and front-line leadership
  • Coaching and training
Ken is a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Burnside Business Association, and works on the Membership Committee. He is the former Pipe-Major of the Dartmouth and District Pipe Band which for a five-year period were undefeated as Atlantic Canadian Champions Supreme. Ken has also served of the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Greater Halifax-Dartmouth.

Ken is an accomplished long distance runner and Pipe Major. He has studied piping in Scotland and has competed at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye.

Dan MacLeod

Dan spent his early career with Maritime Tel & Tel (Bell Aliant) working in all major sales areas of the company. He came to understand that good systems and practices helped, rather than hindered, and that the time spent in planning, execution and support for positive change were very important to the health of any group he worked with. At MT&T Dan was involved in the revamp of the sales compensation system, the revamp of the competency-based hiring system, a sales force automation project and the introduction of an advanced electronic sales reporting system. He also built specialized teams for small/medium customer retention, and customer win-back as the telecommunications market became more competitive in the late 1990's.

While working on the sales reporting system, Dan got involved with Cognos Business Intelligence software (Cognos is now part of IBM). Typically focused on large companies, Dan felt that Cognos software could provide a dramatic reporting tool for the small-to-medium business market. Dunvegan has all of the Cognos products and can provide powerful reports that are simple to use.

While at MT&T Dan was invited to study and report on the Province of Nova Scotia Telecommunications system. Three days after the report was delivered, Dan was loaned to the Provincial Government for 18 months to implement his study's recommendations. The result was an improved internal billing system for the government, and at a substantial annual savings.

When he retired in 1998, Dan was hired by the Government to upgrade their internal billing system, correct issues that had crept into the system after 20 years, and was able to reduce the government's annual bill by over $250 thousand annually.

In 2000, Dan was contracted by J.D. Power and Associates (J.D. Power and Associates is a global marketing information firm that conducts independent and unbiased surveys of customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behavior) His role was as a lead evaluator for Ford Dealerships in Central and Eastern Canada on their ability to implement and adhere to standardized business processes. The certification process had significant meaning to the Dealerships, as it would confirm their success in implementing best practices.

In 2003, Ford Canada contracted Dan to develop, implement and support a new initiative to foster accessory sales. The test program of 19 Dealerships was hugely successful; some saw a 2000% increase in sales. Since then, he has personally been involved with over 150 Dealerships with similar results. His contract for the Ford work continues today.

Dunvegan Loyalty Builders Inc. was incorporated in 2005 to allow Ken Grant and Dan to work with others in a more structured business environment and to provide for the benefits that incorporation allows. The company has continued to work nationally and locally with businesses interested in fostering repeat customers and loyal supporters.

Both Ken and Dan believe that lifelong learning is an important part of success. Ken and Dan completed Dalhousie University's Adult Education Certificate, taking the course together. Dan enrolled at Saint Mary's University as a part time student in the Masters in Business Administration at the beginning of the century, not for the degree, but for the continuous learning experience.

Dan has spoken internationally on the subjects around business intelligence, data mining and ethics: in England, California, Georgia, and Florida. The first speech in England was well received and Dan was invited back the following year to give the Keynote Address.

Dan has lived in Nova Scotia since 1974, his wife teaches English and History at a Halifax private school. Their son and daughter both live and work locally.