::: Testimonials and Customer Feedback

"We went from $60,000 annually in accessory sales to over $1 million annually within 12 months. Since then, sales have continued to increase; we will do $1.7 million in 2010. The Sales, Service, and Parts departments are thrilled with the results."
Automobile Dealership in Western Canada

"Changing the way we service customers has added nearly $500,000 in profit to our operation. Our staff are more empowered, and the issues I had to handle as a general manager have been reduced by over 80%; my staff handle most items and my write-off costs are actually lower"
Automobile Dealership in Ontario

"Sales are currently at a level we never thought possible and now we believe we can do much, much more!"
General Manager, Ontario

"Those who implemented the latest changes and took the training experienced double the average growth."
Franchisee manager, Ontario

"Changes in our targeted mail-outs are expected to increase sales by 10% with no increase in mail-out costs."
General Manager, Nova Scotia

"We reduced our overhead by nearly $250,000 a year, and will save that money every year for the foreseeable future."
Department Head, Nova Scotia

"Every morning at 8:00, I get an electronic sales report that includes all sales as of midnight last night. The report is complete, contains both last year and current year results, in the format I want, and it highlights areas I might want to focus on. Since it is electronic, I can reformat the numbers as I wish so that I can look at a sales person, a customer, a territory, by product or by dollars. It is completely flexible. Sales people in the field get my questions by 9:00 a.m."
General Sales Manager in Nova Scotia

"The two weeks before the sale always earned us the smallest commission cheque of the year. Now those two weeks generate the largest commission cheque. And all I do is call my 20 assigned (and favorite) customers."
Sales Person, Nova Scotia