Instant updates on business performance

Enables smart decisions!

Dunvegan is a data analytics company. We enable informed decision-making by helping organizations access and interpret the data they have had trouble accessing. And we train you to do it yourself. 



Access and Build Interactive Reports

See and question your own numbers, using tools added to software you already own!

  • Your data in ERP, CRM, and accounting databases is not easily accessible.
  • We have the experience and tools to locate the data, tables, and spreadsheets.
  • Together we find the data, and together we build active links.


Interpret & Present

Know in the moment the day-to-day changes in your KPIs. Instantly answer questions from the Board Room, the field, or the plant floor.

  • Construct your reports using the language of your daily operations.
  • Easy to use - drag and drop from measures you want to explore.
  • Select the displays that mean the most to you - charts, tables, maps, dashboards.
  • Immediately drill down and explore your questions.



Train To Do It Yourself

Your existing software, your skills, your data.

  • Dunvegan's consulting and training are done in real time, on your data, by your staff, on site.
  • Focus on your reporting issues.
  • Participants collaborate to design / build, and maintain reports.
  • No maintenance contracts or ongoing costs.

Enhance productivity and build capacity.

  • Draw on your knowledge and experience with location and structure of your data.
  • You strengthen your current skill level with Excel.
  • The new, robust, analytic tools in Excel are user-friendly, intuitive, and free.

To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.
— Lao-tzu